Our Story

Elizabeta Talevska, Founder

It all began with a single beautiful red rose, encased in a delicate glass dome.

For Mother’s Day one year, Elizabeta received one of the best presents. This enchanted rose ignited Elizabeta’s spark, pushing her to pursue her passion for flowers and their symbol in modern society.

Growing up in Europe, from a young age Elizabeta Talevska fell in love with flowers, particularly roses and orchids, and throughout her life receiving flowers has always embodied a message of love, making her feel very special. Giving and receiving flowers for any and every occasion is common tradition in European cultures so, it was important for Elizabeta to create something that would say the right thing for every event – be it a wedding, a launch party, anniversary, celebration or simply a symbol of love and appreciation.

Elizabeta Talevska began her search for the highest quality preserved roses she could find and after many samples, tests and international orders, she eventually found her perfect rose. Exclusively dealing with Europe’s market leader in preserved roses, Elizabeta fell in love with their delicate beauty; perfectly preserved through their secret technique for growing, picking, storing and preserving their exquisite roses, making them look and feel as natural as the day they were picked.

Adorn Gift’s is very much a family business, with Elizabeta’s loving husband and wonderful children all involved in growing this very special business.

“From one glass dome with one rose for mothers day…my family has always helped and supported my every idea.”